Our Business Advance calculator will help you gain a better understanding of how much your repayments might be for a given level of funding. Whilst this calculator will give an indication of monthly payments and APR, you can find out your bespoke rate and terms by reaching out to us.

Business Cash Advance Calculator


How it works?

  1. After we have funded the customer, they are required to repay their advance with a single, weekly repayment figure, calculated by the following two factors:

    1. The weekly minimum repayment which is a fixed amount.
    2. The other half is the revenue receipt portion of repayment. This is where we use Open Banking to identify your revenue from the previous week to which we take a pre-determined percentage of that amount.

    The calculated total of these figures is your weekly repayment amount which deviates from week to week depending on the level of revenue your company generates.

  2. We also offer an early repayment discount which offers our customers the ability to be rewarded by repaying there advance inside 6 months. This begins with a maximum discount on day one and gradually shrinks by the day until 6 months where after that, the maximum repayment amount is required.
  3. When it comes to Target Factor, we normally operate at 1.45x but exceptions can be made. Please refer to the below table to decide what factor you should use.